Auto Ranger

Auto Ranger Stix is the perfect solution for strengthening your cellular signal inside your car or truck. More signal means better call quality for cell phones, and up to 100% faster download speeds for 3G data cards. Auto Ranger Stix can often increase signal by 2 to 3 bars.

Auto Ranger Stix plugs into your vehicle's cigarette lighter and can be moved among multiple vehicles in seconds! Thanks to its included 15-foot cable and magnetic antenna base, the Auto Ranger Stix installs quickly in almost any size car, truck, van, or RV. This makes it an ideal solution for anyone who owns or uses multiple vehicles, including salesmen and other people who travel for business.

Cell Ranger products employ unique cutting-edge technology in a convenient, compact form, allowing you trouble-free communication. Cell Ranger’s 800-1900 MHz cellular amplifier provides up to 50 dB signal gain and amplifies GSM, CDMA, and TDMA cellular* signals from any cellular carrier in the United States and Canada. It works with high-speed 3G cellular systems including the Apple iPhone™ and all other smartphones. When used properly, Cell Ranger products do not interfere with Bluetooth headsets or GPS devices.

The Cell Ranger is your personal, on-the-go signal booster, just the thing to keep your communications open and clear wherever life takes you.**