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Troubleshooting / Frequently Asked Questions
If you are having issues with your Cell Ranger, the following troubleshooting steps may be of assistance.

Power-Up Process (All models)

After unpacking the Cell Ranger the magnetic antenna should be placed on a metal surface first then the cable extended at least 12 feet from the powered end of the Cell Ranger device. Once the antenna has been mounted and cable extended power up your Cell Ranger. Failure to follow direction in this order may cause your Cell Ranger not to Function.

Solution: Power down your Cell Ranger and repeat above procedure.

Antenna Distance (All models)

Separation between the magnetic antenna and the powered end Cell Ranger is very important and can have a substantial effect on the performance of your Cell Ranger. If possible try to use the full 15 feet of cable to get the antenna as far away from the Power end of Cell Ranger as possible.

Solution: If using Cell Ranger outdoors, extend the cable as far as possible from the powered end.

Line Of Sight/Antenna Location (All models)

Try to position the magnetic antenna so there is no line of sight between the antenna and the powered end of the Cell Ranger.

Solution: This can be achieved by placing the antenna behind a wall, rooftop of a vehicle or behind another object.

Operational Distance (All models)

Do not place your cell phone closer than 1 foot from the powered end of the Cell Ranger device. If you place your cell phone is too close to powered end of the Cell Ranger, it could detect a very strong signal and possible decrease the output power of its uplink signal.

Solution: Make sure your cell phone is betwwen 1-3 feet from the powered end of the Cell Ranger device.

Ground Plane (All models)

In order to keep the size of the receiving antenna as small as possible the Cell Ranger requires a metal surface to act as a ground plane for the magnetic antenna to attach to. Depending on our model of Cell Ranger your kit may include a "Ground Plane Disk" for the Cell Ranger to function correctly the magnetic antenna must be placed on the "Ground Plane Disk" or on the rooftop of a vehicle preferably as far back as possible for the best performance.

Solution: Refer to enclosed product quick installation sheet describing ground plane use.

If you have attempted all of the above troubleshooting tips and reviewed the support videos and are still having problems, or should you have any additional questions about any of the Cell Ranger products, please contact us.

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