Not convinced yet? The following are actual testimonials from users of Cell Ranger products. Judge for yourself!

"The first time I used a Cell Ranger Stix I was driving a portion of Nebraska Highway 92 where I always drop calls. In fact I usually tell the person on the line I am going to hit a “dead zone” and I will call back when I can. The dead zone spans 2 miles. I am a Verizon subscriber and appear to lose their signal, which I think then switches me to roaming on Alltel at which point I eventually drop the signal.

However, when I used the Cell Ranger, I had great results when I traveled the same route. I did not drop the call, stayed on the Verizon network, and I talked all the way to my destination. I am a believer and the Cell Ranger is always working in my car."

– Todd Green
OFFWIRE Executive Vice President

"Now that I have had a little time to use Cell Ranger, I'm pretty impressed; it does help the signal strength quite a bit. The building I work in has terrible service, but with the amplifier, the service is far more tolerable. I use AT&T's service with the iPhone, and it's a huge leap. Thanks for a good product."

— Dave Woodard

"When my friend told me he had a product that would improve my cell phone reception dramatically, I really was not impressed. I did not think I would use the unit very often. I planned to purchase one because he was my friend so he showed me what the unit will do. I was impressed. Within an hour of purchasing the Cell Ranger STIX, my wife and I were driving through a low reception area and she was on the phone. When she lost contact, my wife asked about the unit I just bought so I connected it and immediately she was able to communicate as I drove. We have been in many low reception areas and were able to use our phone only because of this product."

— Norm Baker

"Since purchasing Cell Ranger, I been able to have service in areas that previously had limited or no signal. This includes many areas around the country including mountain regions and rural settings. I specifically tested it in areas that I knew were previously limited. It has been beneficial for use of my air card on the road to check e-mails. Now when I am traveling, I don’t have an excuse that there is no service."

— Terry Henderson
National Director, NAMB

"I am the proud owner of both the Cell Ranger STIX and the Cell Ranger Port. I have learned on my 40-mile commute into Atlanta that cellular coverage is of varying quality even when you can see a tower every few miles. The Cell Ranger STIX provides the consistent signal that enables long conversations with my wife and friends, which, in turn, seem to shorten that long drive. The Cell Ranger STIX virtually eliminates the dropped calls and 'fade out' that used to annoy both me and the other person on the call.

My use of the Cell Ranger PORT is quite different – I work in an office where I use my personal laptop to keep track of emails and to do research on the Internet. I use a cellular modem to provide my network connectivity. At my desk, I find the cellular signal to be 'marginal' – which is a euphemism for 'very irritating'. I now plug a Cell Ranger PORT into the USB port on my laptop for power, placing its antenna as far away as possible (and as high as possible). With that arrangement, I am always able to receive an important email or research the 'next thing' on the Internet without worrying about whether I have a connection or not. Thanks for two wonderful products I use every day."

— Wayne James

"I have been using Cell Ranger products for the last year and get good signal strength with my cell phone in areas where without these products there would be no signal strength. This is in forested areas of Louisiana."

— G. C. Jones